Soy wax candle "Midsummer-night's Dream" - Summer -

100% natural soy wax candle in a handmade gray cement jar with floral details that has a timeless elegance.


100% natural and vegan soy wax candle "Midsummer-night's Dream" - Sumer - in a gray cement jar handmade entirely in La Garrotxa.

Summer is much more than sun, beach and sand on your feet.

It is that strange feeling of freedom that is felt only during the long nights.

It's those conversations until late hours enjoying the people around you even more. It is perceiving the aroma of certain flowers that open at night, when you walk at dawn.

It is lying on the sand after having bathed in the middle of the night and counting stars (or pretending that you know all the constellations and not really knowing how to point out a single one of them) and finally falling asleep with the windows wide open, noticing the pleasant sea breeze dreaming of what you will experience the next day.

All of this is what we want to convey to you in this candle that we have made entirely (including its gray cement jar) with our own hands, by and for you, which gives off an aroma as magical as Shakespeare's work: a night garden in time. summer. We hope you enjoy it!

The big difference between this candle and the conventional ones with similar designs that you can find in stores in your city, is that it is made with soy wax, sweet orange and sage essential oils (like our "Serenity" cosmetic products) very summery, and wood wick, without artificial colors or aromas and of course without any derivative of animal origin... but also they do not release toxins when lit.

We manufacture each of our candles in small batches and they may present a small bubble or difference between one or the other, since they are handmade one by one... thus becoming unique pieces that illuminate your life as well as providing warmth to your home and to yours.

To make this candle more special... Don't forget to add our jar of matches as a complement so that you "light your magic"!

Before turning it on, remember to place it on a tray and away from drafts.
Never light a candle unattended or near flammable materials.
Keep out of reach of children and pets.

If you choose this soy wax candle to give as a gift, remember that you can leave in the comments the message you want to appear on the card that we will add inside the box so that we can personalize it.

Still and so be sure to visit the gift options that we have prepared for you.

Ingredients: Soy wax, vegetable stearin, sweet orange and sage essential oils.

Candle measures:  7,5cm x 5cm

Weight: 225gr

Box measures: 8cm x 8cm