Grandmothers gift pack "In a rose fit all springs"

Surprise your grandmother with this beautiful, original and very floral gift!


We are convinced that this detail will not leave your grandmother indifferent!

Unlike roses, this flower (in the form of a candle) that this box contains does not wither and also symbolizes appreciation, cordiality, admiration, when you deliver it, you are giving away light, an emotion to live, a treasured memory or a new trip. to start.

Like all our candles, this candle is handcrafted in our own workshop with 100% natural ingredients of vegetable origin, essential oil and cotton wicks. without artificial colors or aromas and of course without any derivative of animal origin... but also does not release toxins when lit.

For this limited edition candle we have chosen geranium essential oil, the same as our "Flowery Garden" natural cosmetic products, which gives off a floral and sweet aroma.

We manufacture each of our candles in small batches and they may present a small bubble or difference between one or the other, since they are handmade one by one... thus becoming unique pieces that illuminate your life as well as providing warmth to your home and yours.

On the front of the box is a small bouquet (the composition may vary depending on availability) handcrafted with a careful and super beautiful design.

* If you want to add a card inside the box with the same design as the label on the outside but with a dedication, you can add the text you want to appear in the comments section when placing your order.

* Pack available in Catalan or Spanish.

Gift box measurements: 7.7 x 8.1 x 8.1 cm

Candle measures: 6cm x 5 cm // Weight: 95gr