Soy wax candles "Cloud - Autumn -

100% natural handmade soy wax candle, which has a timeless elegance. (Available in two sizes)


Pack of 2 soy wax candle "Cloud" - Autumn - handmade in La Garrotxa 100% natural and vegan.

The big difference between this candles and the conventional ones with similar designs that you can find in stores in your city, is that their are made with soy wax, cedar and sandalwood essential oils (like our "Intense Cedar" cosmetic products) very autumnal, and cotton wick, without artificial colors or aromas and of course without any derivative of animal origin... but also they do not release toxins when lit.

We manufacture each of our candles in small batches and they may present a small bubble or difference between one or the other, since they are handmade one by one... thus becoming unique pieces that illuminate your life as well as providing warmth to your home and to yours.

To make these candles more special... Don't forget to add our jar of matches as a complement so that you "light your magic"!

Before turning it on, remember to place it on a tray or chandelier and away from drafts.
Never light a candle unattended or near flammable materials.
Keep out of reach of children and pets.

If you choose any of our soy wax candles to give as a gift, remember that you can leave in the comments the message that you want to appear on the packaging label so that we can personalize it. We will also add a small floral detail and this way it will surprise even more. the person you give it to.

Still and so be sure to visit the gift options that we have prepared for you.

* If you like this soy wax candle but you prefer it with a scent from the other 3 seasons, contact us and we will customize it for you.

Ingredients: Soy wax, vegetable stearin, cedar and sandalwood essential oils.

*Available in two sizes:

Small candle measures: 6.5cm x 3cm approx // Weight: 30g approx

Large candle measures: 12cm x 4cm approx // Weight: 115gr approx