Children's Teepee 100% Organic

Children's teepee made of organic cotton, removable and transportable, with a matching bag so you can take it on a picnic, to the beach, to a friend's house ....

Handmade teepee made of 100% organic cotton and pine wood.

It is the same design and measurements as our white basic teepee but made with cotton of ecological origin.

The organic cotton of our supplier respects the environment in all its stages of manufacture, besides not harming the animal species.

It is differentiated by its untreated seeds, totally free of transgenics, which respect biodiversity.

In addition, only rainwater is used, irrigation is not used in its production.

For the first crop, up to three years of waiting is required so that no chemical residues remain on the land.

The production of organic cotton differs from other types of crops in the non-use of insecticides, synthetic pesticides or other chemical products.
Only pesticides and natural fertilizers are used.
This reduces the risk of allergies, especially in infants and young children.

Organic cotton is processed without chemical treatment (among others, without chlorine) and stained with products free of heavy metals.

One of the advantages lies in the biodynamic cultivation, where different foods are produced in the same lands.

Organic cotton does not use intermediaries, it is produced by 450 farmers and families.

There is total control of the entire cycle: from cultivation, through spinning and weaving.
Cotton is produced only with the natural colors of the earth.
Wet processes are not applied to fabrics, only washing.
The final result is completely pure and biodegradable fabrics.

Mounts easily in about 5 minutes and without the need for tools.

Once assembled it folds to be able to move it around the house with ease, in case we want to take it to the living room, to the garden ... or to support it in a corner.

Our teepees are square base and mounted make of 142cm high fabric and high until the end of the poles 175cm.

You can check the drawing with the measurements.

* Machine washable cold.