Children's Teepee Moons and Stars

Removable and transportable children's teepee, with a matching bag so you can take it on a picnic, to the beach, to a friend's house ....

135.00 99.00

Handmade teepee combining 100% color cotton fabric and 70% cotton canvas and pine wood.

This model includes four pennants for the final finishing of the sticks as you can see in the photo and a handkerchief.

Available in gray, pink or blue.

Mounts easily in about 5 minutes and without the need for tools.

Once assembled it folds to be able to move it around the house with ease, in case we want to take it to the living room, to the garden ... or to support it in a corner.

Our teepees are square base and mounted make of 142cm high fabric and high until the end of the poles 175cm.

You can check the drawing with the measurements.

* Machine washable cold.