Pack soaps for beards - Gentleman

Ideal for beardeds!

12.50 10.00
  • Extra virgin olive oil, beer, sodium hydroxide, almond oil, coconut oil and hops

This gift box contains 2 natural beer soaps made with all-natural ingredients, veganos y cruelty free.

It is ideal for men who want to care for their skin, mustache or beard.

It is one of the most pleasant to use since it makes a very creamy and special foam.

Strengthens and repairs even the weakest beards.

Prevents cell aging, appearance of wrinkles and provides elasticity to the skin.

Thanks to hops, it is an effective antiseptic and antibacterial.

Regenerates and humidifies the driest and most irritated skins.

It has depurative properties, which is good for skins with excess fat, dry and mixed skins.

It has a very masculine scent and leaves the skin with the sensation of cleanliness that you will not feel with another soap.

Weight: 90-100grs aprox

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