Facial basic pack Violets Blossom

Ideal for facial care of all skin types

14.45 12.30

This gift box contains some of our best natural cosmetic products for the care of your face, made with all natural, vegan and cruelty free ingredients.

It contains:

- 1 Solid moisturizing bar perfect for treating bacterial skin infections or acne. Gives off a lavender and violets scent, sweet and floral scent.

- 1 Natural soap 90-100grs approx indicated to delicately clean the skin thanks to its creamy foam. Prevents cell aging and appearance of stretch marks. Accelerates the regeneration of the skin softening, nourishing and relaxing.

Remember that you also have available on the web all the products for sale and that you can buy other quantities or make your own gift combination.

* You can consult the ingredients and type of container in the tab of each product.