Beard Oil - Mystic Incense 30ml

Natural and vegan beard oil with incense aroma, intense and exotic

  • Jojoba oil, apricot oil, grape seed oil, vitamin E and incense essential oil

Factors such as the wind, the cold, the sun or the hardness of the water, can mistreat the hair of the beard, cracking it, opening the ends, and having a disheveled and careless appearance.

Therefore we recommend our special oils for the care of your beard.

Moisturize facial hair and skin under your beard, avoid split ends and fall, also provides freshness and an intense and exotic aroma.

You can use it daily and we recommend the application of 3 or 4 drops giving a gentle massage, after washing the beard well.

Take care of your beard with this light texture lotion and easy absorption!

* Glass jar and dropper.

Weight: 30ml