Facial mask - Intense Cedar (60gr)

Activated charcoal facial mask, indicated to care for the most oily skin with acne

  • Activated charcoal powder and poppy seeds

It is excellent to help purify and cleanse the skin in depth as it has the ability to reduce stains and all bacteria that could clog the pores of the skin.

It comes in powder (this way we eliminate all the preservatives and it will last much longer) so you can mix it with oils, cream, fruit juice, water, converting them into different types of masks.

Adding more or less liquid will get different textures.

This mask prevents skin aging, stimulates the regeneration of the skin, eliminates skin spots or scars.

How to use:

- Clean your face to remove traces of makeup and dirt.

- Mix the powder mask with a little oil or water until it forms a pasty consistency.

- Extends a generous layer without covering the skin surrounding the eyes and lips, as it is very sensitive and requires special care.

- Leave on for 10 minutes.

- And finally remove it with warm water, dry the face with a towel and apply a tonic and a moisturizer.

We recommend using it once a week.

* Glass container and aluminum lid.

Weight: 60gr