Bath salts - Sweet musk (250gr)

Bath scrub salts ideals to eliminate toxins and they are also aphrodisiac!

  • Dead Sea salt, sweet almond oil, musk essential oil and poppy seeds

These bath salts are a mixture of Dead Sea salts (ideal to keep the skin clean and free of toxins) and musk essential oil (musk).

It gives off a soft aroma with a light touch of wood, which is an aphrodisiac!

They help exfoliate in depth, eliminating the dirt that accumulates on the skin.

You can use them to exfoliate your skin. To do this, first clean the skin to remove dirt.

- Mix a handful of these salts with a little oil, infusion, water, etc. to form a pasty consistency.

- Extend a generous on the skin and massage.

- Let act a few minutes.

- And finally remove them with warm water, dry the skin with a towel and apply some of our body creams.

We recommend using them once a week.

Weight: 250grs