Newborns kit - Family + 1

The most original gift to give to parents who have just had a baby


This is the perfect gift to get the best smile from the parents in this special moment!

Kit includes:

- Parasol: Because exotic travels are over.
- Gloves + nose clips: For the first changes of diapers.
- Tape measure: Because they grow too fast.
- Sunglasses: For the most complicated nights.
- Indian feathers: Because now that the Indian has finished doing it.
- Candle + matches: Because your flame never goes out.
- Whistle: Because you will go to touch of whistle.
- Mini bread: Because it came with a bread under the arm.
- Baize: For when you drop the drool.
- Phonebook: Kangaroo emergency numbers.
- Coins: Because you can save money.

Many congratulations parents and now you are +1!

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*Available in: Catalan or Spanish

Kit Dimensions: 7.3 x 17.3 x 17.3 cm