Kit - Retirement

Original gift to give to future retirees


Do you want to congratulate your co-worker who is retiring? Well this is the perfect gift!

To that coworker who after a lot of years in: the company, office, self-employed ... At last he has to enjoy his retirement!

It is the beginning of a new stage, the time to enjoy the small and not so small pleasures of life.
The retirement kit includes 10 objects with their respective messages plus a postcard so you can wish him well in this new phase.

- Notepad: To write everything you want and you can do
- String: Because you still have string for a while
- Cushion: To make long naps
- Pacifier: For enjoy the little ones of the family
- Brush: To discover new hobbies and hobbies
- Domino: From now on you will have time to play
- Hourglass: To replace me for your alarm clock
- Potion: Only you, you have the happiness potion
- Travel (luggage tag identifier): take advantage of the advantages, IMSERSO there I go!
- Mirror: To care for inside and outside
- Congratulations card + envelop: Small congratulations on a great retirement. (You can write some missatge on the card)

Remember that you also have other kits and gifts to give to people who are retiring, but also other gifts options for other people and / or special days that may interest you.

*Available in: Catalan or Spanish

Kit dimensions: 24.5 x 15.5 x 6.5 cm