Sister kit - For a great sister

The most original gift to thank your sister for everything


This kit is the perfect gift to give your sister and thrill them with all your heart!

If you have a sister, you will know that you have a friend for life, is the only one capable of getting you mad and make you laugh at the worst moments, confidant of all your secrets and accomplice of more than a prank.

For that special person, we have prepared a kit that will help you tell you how you want it, how important it is to you and that you do not know what would have been of you without it.

This kit / gift includes 8 objects with their respective messages that are:

- Sister: If we were not sisters, we would be great friends
- Piece of lego: You are a very important piece of my life
- Bubble paper: Although our little fights, you have always protected me
- Lip balm: You always get me a smile
- Indian feather: For all the times we have been doing the Indian
- Clothes hanger: For all our exchanges / robberies of clothes
- Heart: I love you very much!
- Mirror: You've been the best referent I could have

Remember that you also have other kits and gifts to give your sister, but also other gifts options for other people and / or special days that may interest you.

* Available in Catalan or Spanish

Kit dimensions: 11.5 x 12.5 x 11cm