Bracelets for communions (customized)

925 Sterling Silver or 18k gold plated customized bracelets for your communion guests gifts


Does your son / daughter make communion and want a unique gift, original and out of convention? Well our bracelets are a good choice!

When you organize a communion and the time comes to think about the detail that you are going to give to your guests, it is special... and you have been thinking about each of the details with great affection for a long time... so surprise with something different and personalized we know that it is very important to you.

Our minimalist bracelets are a sure hit!

These bracelets are made with cotton thread and the pieces are made of 925 Sterling Silver or 18k gold-plated Silver. You can customize them with the thread color that you like the most and get the perfect combination!

The design of the card in the photos is simply a sample, remember that in order to personalize the packaging you must enter the necessary data (names, date, etc...) in the comments section when making your purchase and within 36 hours. We will send you several options so that you can choose the one you like the most.

Remember that you also have other details and gifts for communion guests, but also for other events that may interest you.

* The photos of the customized bracelets are samples, if you want to see all the pieces and the colors of the cotton threads you can do it here.

Material: Cotton thread and pieces of Sterling Silver and / or gold plated

Customized card printed on "Nautilus" paper / cardboard made from 100% recycled pulp.