Soaps for communions with packaging (customized)

Handmade and natural soaps, wrapped and with customized label for your communion guests gifts

4.00 3.80

Does your son / daughter make communion and want a unique gift, original and out of convention?

Well our soaps are a good choice.

All our soaps are made with oils, shortenings and essential oils of vegetable origin.
In no case are ingredients of animal origin or petroleum derivatives used.

The ingredients are top quality, never recycled and the base of the soap is extra virgin olive oil.

They also have no preservatives or chemical additives.

All the soaps are made by hand and follow strict maximum standards to achieve a high quality product.

And to be as respectful as possible with the properties of the ingredients, cold soaps are made.

The weight of the soaps can vary a bit depending on each piece, since they are cut by hand and the precision is not exact.

The labels and the paper that wraps the soaps of the photos are of sample, so to be able to personalize the packaging remember to enter the necessary data (name, date, etc ...) in the observations section when making your purchase and in a term 36 hours we will send you several options so you can choose the one you like the most.

We can also customize the labels with other designs and the ingredients of each soap so that the recipe is unique, so they will never be repeated for another event.
For this you can send us an email to: and we will pass different options and budget.
If you choose this option you must know that we need a minimum of 40 days in advance.

Approximate weight: 115grs aprox