Solid perfumes (customized) with ''cover''

Totally natural solid perfumes customized label and "cover" for your wedding guests gifts


Have you decided to take the step, get married and look for a unique gift, original and out of conventions? Well our solid perfumes are a good choice for the most coquettish guests!

Our totally natural solid perfumes are made with essential oils of the highest quality and each one of them has a unique aroma that your guests will love as well as being very long-lasting.

Its texture is very emollient and melts into the skin.

They do not contain alcohol or water.

The application is very simple: you just have to caress the surface with your fingers and apply it behind the ears, wrists, etc...

These solid perfumes are presented in aluminum can and a "cover" that surrounds the can, fully customizable with names, date, etc.

The design of the labels and the cover type "box" of the photos are simply samples, remember that in order to personalize the packaging you must enter the necessary data (names, date etc ...) at the comments section when making your purchase and within 36 hours we will send you several options so that you can choose the one you like the most.

To thank you for trusting us and for having chosen our solid perfumes as a detail of your wedding, we have adjusted the price a bit more taking into account that the minimum purchase is 5 units.

Remember that you also have other details and gifts for your wedding guests, but also for other events that may interest you.

* The photos of the custom solid perfumes are samples, if you want to see how each one is and / or check the ingredients you can do it here.


Container: Aluminum.

Cover: "Nautilus" paper / cardboard made from 100% recycled pulp.

Weight: 15gr