Couple kit - I love you lots

The most original gift to give to your couple and remind her how much you love her


The kit you can give on the day of Sant Jordi, as a complement of rose or book, for your partner's birthday, for Valentine's Day, even to ask to get married at your future wife, we put the kit you put the ring  ;)

With this kit will not have a NO in response.

Kit includes:

- Tila: For the patience that you have with me
- Brush: Because you paint a lot in my life
- Pinecone: Because we have made pine at all times
- Matches: Because we keep alive the flame
- Nail file: Because we have managed to close the differences
- Heart: Because I just love you
- Padlock: Because I don't want to part with you
- 3 waltz: To give away those emotions and / or wishes

Available in: Catalan, Spanish or English.