Father's kit - Thanks Dad

The most original gift to thank your father for everything


Its the perfect gift to give to your super fthers and to excite them with all your heart.

In general we say a few times but we love them very much!

Kit includes:

- Ball: Thanks for all the time you've dedicated me
- Cotton: Thank you for protecting
- Til·la: Thank you for the patience of San that you have
- Bag: Thank you for being the bank with the best conditions in the world
- Caramel Lips: Thanks for making me laugh
- Yoyo: Thank you for not letting me fall
- Pencils: Thanks for everything you've taught me
- Heart: Thank you for unconditional love
- Snails: Thank you for being my particular "Bricomanía"
- Rule: Thank you for keeping me in line
- Car key: Thank you for making me a taxi on more than one occasion

Available in: Catalan or Spanish