Kit for grandmother - I love you so much grandmother

The most original gift to thank your grand-mother for everything


Is it true that your grandmother is the best in the world? For her wisdom, for the moral highs when she boasts of beautiful grandchildren and for being such a special woman, she deserves a kit that tells her everything we can not express in words.

This kit / gift includes 8 objects with their respective messages that are:

Rosario: Thank you for having a patience from Santa
Macaroni: Thanks for always making me my favorite dish
Lips sweet: Thank you for your kisses that heal everything
Sponge: Thank you for letting me absorb your knowledge
Magnifying glass: Thank you for being an example to follow
Flower: Thank you for all the flowers you tell me every day
Mask: Thank you for trusting me blindly
Photo frame: Thanks for the thousand and one adventures lived (add a recent photo)

Remember that you also have other kits and gifts to give to your grandfather or grandmother, but also other gifts options for other people and / or special days that may interest you.

*Available in: Catalan or Spanish

Kit dimensions: 13.5 x 11.5 x 6 cm

Ecru cotton cord closure