Mother's kit - Thanks mom

The most original gift to thank your mother for everything


It is the perfect gift to give to your super mothers and to excite them with all your heart.

In general we tell them seldom but we love them very much!

Includes 11 objects that don't leave indifferent.

Kit includes:

- Pillow: For all the sleepless nights (when I was partying)
- Block notes: For all the advice (and for those that you continue giving me)
- First aid kit: To become a nurse at all hours
- Flag: Because we have achieved great milestones (we make a great team)
- Soap: By your smell of clean clothes (why do not you make me the same smell?)
- Compass: To never let me lose the north
- Cologne: By the industrial amount of colony that you put me.
- Chocolate: For all sweet moments (and some bitter)
- Taper: For all the taponeros that I have not returned you (cooks like nobody)
- Heart: For Unconditional Love
- Thread + needle: For putting hands to work in my life

Available in: Catalan or Spanish