Kit - Retirement

Original gift to give to future retirees


Co-workers who after a lot of years in the company, office, freelancer ... it's up to them to enjoy after a lot of years of working.

It is the beginning of a new stage and it is time to enjoy the small and not so little pleasures of life.

Do you want to congratulate your co-worker who is retiring?

Well this is the perfect gift!

Kit includes:

Notepad: To write everything you want and you can do
String: Because you still have string for a while
Cushion: To make long naps
Pacifier: For enjoy the little ones of the family
Brush: To discover new hobbies and hobbies
Domino: From now on you will have time to play
Hourglass: To replace me for your alarm clock
Potion: Only you, you have the happiness potion
Travel (luggage tag identifier): take advantage of the advantages, IMSERSO there I go!
Cream: To care for inside and outside
Congratulations card + envelop: Small congratulations on a great retirement. (You can write some missatge on the card)

Available in: Catalan or Spanish.