Kit for teachers or professors - Birthday

The most original birthday gift for your teacher or professor


It always delights to receive gifts for many years to be made and more if it is a person as special as you are!

We present the kit to make a difference and leave a mark on your professor or teacher.

Making years should always be celebrated, to remember that for many years to go is a pleasure to make years by your side and to continue living a thousand and one adventures.

If you want to surprise on the birthday day, this is the best gift!!

This kit / gift includes 7 objects with their respective messages that are:

- Anises: To be very happy
- Confetti: To celebrate many more years
- Candles: May all your wishes come true
- Medal: Because with the years you get better
- Gift: Because it always delights to open gifts
- Wine bottle stopper: How good wine improved over the years
- Gift voucher: Because you are worth a lot (inside card to write the gift you want)

Remember that you also have other kits and gifts to give to professors or teachers, but also other gifts options for other people and / or special days that may interest you.

*Available in: Catalan, Spanish or English

Kit dimensions: 10 x 12.5 x 12.5 cm