THANK YOU TEACHER KIT -CONFINED- (Everything will be fine)

The most emotional and special gift to thank teachers for all their effort and adaptation during this confined school year.


The end of the course is approaching. This year unfortunately we will have to do it from a distance as the damn virus is still here with us. It has been a very different school year and we have all had to make a great effort to adapt. The teachers have done their best (making everyone happy is very difficult). So now that the course is over it is time to thank all of them for their effort, dedication and adaptation. Thank you very much for all the teachers confined for this year half at school half at home.

The kit consists of 8 objects forming a small sample of all the work they do every day, whether at school or from home.

The kit includes:

- Computer key: Thanks for your quick adaptation
- Colors: Thanks for encouraging and enhancing our creativity
- Candle: Thanks for giving us so much heat even from the screen
- Heart: Thank you we need much more than a pandemic to forget about you
- Magnifier: Thanks for always looking for the best way to motivate us
- Coffee: Thanks for always being connected 24/7
- Tila: Thanks for the patience you have had with all of us
- Straw: Thank you you are the professional cane

Available in: Catalan or Spanish

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