Kits for in-laws or parents

Pack of kits to give to parents or in-laws on their wedding day


With these kits you can make the two people you love most in the world happy!

The ideal gift to make on your wedding day to your parents and in-laws, anniversaries or kings, and excite them until the scarves at home are exhausted.

And it is that for parents there is nothing more important than a child recognizes all the efforts and dedication they have made.

Each kit includes 11 objects to thank our father and mother.

Kit Mother includes:

- Pillow: For all the sleepless nights (when I was partying)
- Block notes: For all the advice (and why you keep giving me)
- First aid kit: To become a nurse at all hours
- Flag: Because we have achieved great milestones (we make a great team)
- Soap: Because of your smell of clean clothes (why does not it make me smell the same?)
- Compass: To never let me lose the north
- Colonia: For the industrial amount of colony that you put me.
- Chocolate: For all the sweet moments (and some of bitter ones)
- Taper: For all the closers I have not returned (cooks like anyone)
- Heart: For unconditional love
- Thread + needle: For having put to work in my life

Father Kit includes:

- Balls: Thank you for all the time you have dedicated me
- Cotton: thanks for protecting
- Til·la: Thank you for the patience of San you have
- Bag: Thanks for being the bank with the best conditions in the world
- Lips: Thanks for making me laugh
- Yoyo: Thanks for not letting me fall
- Pencils: Thanks for everything you have taught me
- Heart: Thank you for the unconditional love
- Screws: Thank you for being my particular "Bricomanía"
- Rule: Thank you for keeping me in line
- Car-shaped key ring: Thank you for making me a taxi on more than one occasion

Remember that you also have other wedding kits and gifts, but also details and gifts for the guests and other gifts options for other people and / or special days that may interest you.

* Available in: Catalan or Spanish

Kit Dimensions: 18x18x18cm (each)