Kits for in-laws or parents

Pack of kits to give to parents or in-laws on their wedding day

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Pack of kits to give to parents or in-laws on their wedding day

With these kits you can make the two people you love most in the world happy.

Kit Mother includes:
- Pillow: For all the sleepless nights (when I was partying)
- Block notes: For all the advice (and why you keep giving me)
- First aid kit: To become a nurse at all hours
- Flag: Because we have achieved great milestones (we make a great team)
- Soap: Because of your smell of clean clothes (why does not it make me smell the same?)
- Compass: To never let me lose the north
- Colonia: For the industrial amount of colony that you put me.
- Chocolate: For all the sweet moments (and some of bitter ones)
- Taper: For all the closers I have not returned (cooks like anyone)
- Heart: For unconditional love
- Thread + needle: For having put to work in my life

Father Kit includes:
- Balls: Thank you for all the time you have dedicated me
- Cotton: thanks for protecting
- Til·la: Thank you for the patience of San you have
- Bag: Thanks for being the bank with the best conditions in the world
- Lips: Thanks for making me laugh
- Yoyo: Thanks for not letting me fall
- Pencils: Thanks for everything you have taught me
- Heart: Thank you for the unconditional love
- Screws: Thank you for being my particular "Bricomanía"
- Rule: Thank you for keeping me in line
- Car-shaped key ring: Thank you for making me a taxi on more than one occasion