Newlyweds kit - First auguries

The most original gift for the newlyweds


Pack that contains 12 essential elements to enjoy a magnificent marriage.

It's the perfect detail for the friends you love most...

Kit includes:

- Confetti: Because being together is a party.
- Cabbage of thread: Because it continues always united.
- Paint nails: In case things paint black.
- Paper handkerchiefs: Because you weep with happiness.
- Strips:Because they care for each other.
- Matchbox. Because the flame never goes out.
- Cutlery: Because you eat with kisses.
- Candies: For a very sweet life.
- Anises: To be happy.
- Envelope: Because be patient.
- Eraser: Becasuse all errors have solution.
- Wooden clip: To keep hanging on each other.

- About: So that you have a good honeymoon. (Perfect for attaching money)

Available only in Catalan or Spanish.