Newlyweds kit - First auguries

The most original gift for the newlyweds


The most original gift for future bride and groom!

Giving this box full of small objects with messages of good wishes is a very emotional and original way to wish them the best ... They will surely bring the occasional tear of emotion!

The kit includes 11 objects with their respective messages and an envelope to attach the wedding gift money.


- Confetti: Because being together is a party.
- Cabbage of thread: Because it continues always united.
- Paint nails: In case things paint black.
- Paper handkerchiefs: Because you weep with happiness.
- Strips:Because they care for each other.
- Matchbox. Because the flame never goes out.
- Cutlery: Because you eat with kisses.
- Candies: For a very sweet life.
- Linden: Because be patient.
- Wooden clip: To keep hanging on each other.

- Paper envelope: So that you have a good honeymoon. (Perfect for attaching money)

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*Available in: Catalan or Spanish

Kit dimensions: 21.5 x 12 x 18.1 cm