Palo Santo defumation bombs - Sagrada Madre -

Defumation handmade bomb from Palo Santo from "Sagrada Madre" in Argentina.


These defumation bombs are made with Palo Santo from Peru by "Sagrada Madre" in Argentina and are traditionally used in rituals and cleansing.

Lighting a Palo Santo incense is a sacred and purifying act that increases the sensation of calm and well-being, attracting positive and harmonious energies to all who are in contact with this sacred smoke.

How to use:
- Place the activated defumation in a non-flammable container.
- Light with matches or candle.
- Do cleaning in a ventilated environment.
- Throw the remains to the ground.

Made with palo santo, charcoal, salt and natural binders

Content: 4 units

Box measurements:14 cm x 3.5 cm

Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Do not use near flammable items.
Make sure that all the remains fall on heat resistant surfaces.
Do not leave it unattended when using it.