Lavender and Olibanum Flowers Incense - Sagrada Madre -

Handmade incense by "Sagrada Madre" in Argentina, with lavender from Patagonia, African olibanum resin, natural charcoal, salt and natural binders.


The sacred smoke of both fragrances make this "Sagrada Madre" incense a powerful protector and an exquisite aroma to enjoy.

Since ancient times, lavender and frankincense have been used in rituals as protectors and purifiers, neutralizing negative energies.

It is believed that lavender is capable of neutralizing negative energies, balancing and harmonizing spaces.
Frankincense complements lavender by attracting positive energies.

Each box contains 9 thick, extra-lasting sticks.

Each stick lasts 45-55 minutes.

Box measures: 18'5 cm x 5cm

Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Do not use near flammable items.
Make sure that all the remains fall on heat resistant surfaces.
Never leave incense unattended.