Marigold and Chamomile smudge- Sagrada Madre -

Small marigold and chamomile sahumo handcrafted by "Sagrada Madre" in Argentina with natural, sustainable and chemical-free elements.

The smoke of this small smudge from "Sagrada Madre" composed of laurel, eucalyptus and cedar covered with calendula and chamomile resin is ideal to attract tranquility and love, granting peace in the environment.

This small smudge gives off a wonderful aroma of field flowers as well as generating protection, harmony, happiness to the place where it is used and to the people around it.

Chamomile attracts abundance, peace, love and tranquility, marigold symbolizes passion and creativity so combined in this sahumo, they harmonize consciousness, raise vibration and strengthen our inner power by releasing rays of love, which generate auras of protection, containment and happiness.

How to use:

Never remove the ropes that hold the bundle, they will gradually burn along with all the smudge.

First of all, prepare the place where you are going to light the smudge, place a plate or a container since, as it is a bundle of dry leaves, it can be dangerous.

Light the tip of the bundle or smudge if possible with matches or candles. Leave the flame burning for a few seconds and then blow so that the combustion continues but without flame.

- To smoke spaces or objects:
Light the smudge with a match and with the smoke it gives off, flood the entire space (if it is a house, pass the bundle through all the rooms you want) or object making undulating movements.

- To purify your body: when you feel that your body vibrates low or has energy overload, go through it with the smoke from head to toe, making circles in a clockwise direction.

If you notice that no smoke is coming out, turn it on again as we have previously detailed.
Remember that you can also use the smudge by supporting it on a bowl or saucer.

Composition: aromatic herbs, natural resins, natural binder and essential oils.

Measurements of the smudge:  10cm x 3 cm

Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Do not use near flammable items.
Make sure that all the remains fall on heat resistant surfaces.
Never leave the smudge unattended.