Necklace Morse

Necklace with pieces of pencils creating a message in morse code.


We have decided to learn morse code: they say it's the language of the future, right?

But as we are more of pencils and doodles than cables and computers we have decided to start with a code and a little vintage ... and so has arisen the collection of necklaces MORSE, in which bits of pencils are combined according to this fantastic code so that You can show your favorite words and colors.

In the image, my necklace "poet" :)

Each necklace is made by hand and on demand with the word of your choice.

Tell us what word you want for your necklace.

Each necklace is different and has a random color combination.

We try to have all colors present in a varied way.
If you want to make sure that your necklace has a special color or you want a specific color range tell us.

Measurements: brass chain (without nickel) in aged silver color 43cm in length.

We recommend choosing not too long words (ideally 5 letters).

If the result is excessive for a necklace, we will contact you to evaluate the option of making it a long necklace.

* Write the message that you want to customize in the personalization section.