Set Chalcedony Round Silver

925 Sterling Silver and chalcedony ring and necklace set

52.90 42.95

Essential jewelry set for this Autumn / Winter 2021 - 2022 season!

This set of  ring and necklace in 25 Sterling Silver and with semi precious gemstone chalcedony, which is one of the most healing stones since it harmonizes the mind, body, emotions, spirit, provides spiritual peace and is the stone that activates and heals the throat chakra, allowing the free expression of thoughts and feelings, is timeless, simple, classic and easy to combine with other jewels, so you can wear it both during the day and at night as it adapts perfectly to your look.

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* Ring measure: 8 mm (Available in several sizes)

* Necklace measure: 8 x 9 mm Length: 38 + 5 cm

* Material: 925 Sterling Silver and chalcecony