Facial pack - Essentials - Flowery Garden

Ideal facial pack for mixed skin, with acne or adolescents, but above all it is perfect for caring for and pampering mature or damaged skin in a natural, vegan and toxic way


This pack contains some of our best products to take care of your skin and the planet at the same time!

This pack contains our "Flowery Garden" facial tonic (50ml) and one bag containing 12 super-soft, reusable natural fiber make-up remover discs, ideal for applying any of our facial toners / floral waters or removing make-up without generating residues.

Our facial tonic of geranium hydrolate has a very characteristic and floral aroma, softer than essential oil and is the result of the watery part resulting from steam distilling the inflorescences, leaves and stems of geranium.

It favors the balance of the sebaceous secretions of the skin, ideal for mixed skin, with acne or adolescents, but above all it is perfect for caring for and pampering mature or damaged skin.

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, you can use it as a daily facial toner. Doing so will help you refresh your skin naturally and will also help you treat minor sunburns, rosacea, or any redness.

And ... Even if you already have a repellent for mosquitoes, these usually have the disadvantage that they cannot be exposed to the sun.
Use this hydrosol as a complement to your anti-mosquitoes during the day when you are going to be outdoors and you will be able to keep them at a distance.

Remember, before applying any tonic make up your makeup properly.

Once the face is washed, you can apply it directly with the reusable make-up disc, then gently press on the face so that it penetrates well through the pores.

Use our facial tonic daily and make it part of your facial routine!

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* You receive this pack in a recyclable kraft cardboard box with its respective totally sustainable packaging and prepared with all our love.

* This pack has a small bouquet on the lid of the box (the composition may vary depending on availability) handcrafted with a careful and super beautiful design.

* If it is to give as a gift and you want to add a card inside the box with the same design as the label on the outside but with a dedication, you can add the text that you want to appear in the comments section when placing your order.

* You can consult the ingredients and type of container in the tab of each product.