Packs Bubbles

Our "Bubbles" packs include your choice of solid bar soap and a sponge - bag that serves to put the soap inside, this makes it create much more foam when used in the shower underwater.

All soaps are made with the highest quality ingredients. The base of each one is extra virgin olive oil (never recycled), they don't contain preservatives and to be as respectful as possible with the properties of the ingredients, we make our soaps in the traditional way by artisan cold saponification.

The combination of the bag with the bar of soap creates a perfect lather, ideal for your hygiene and daily care.

Choose a natural, sustainable self-care routine without generating any waste.

Head over to solid soap and do the planet a favor!

Remember that you have other packs available with our products, facials, for beard and / or mustache care, body care and essential packs for your daily hygiene (zero waste) that may interest you ...

... And that you can also create your own gift box by choosing the products in our natural COSMETICS