Pack Memories "Fresh & Spicy"

Pack of soy wax candle for massage and solid perfume with aroma of tangerine and juniper (fresh and fruity) with which you will surprise those you love the most

17.90 16.10

The intention when giving this pack is that those good moments that you have shared with the person you are giving it to can be relived often while transmitting your wish that it finds the light wherever it goes ...

Surely some aromas will remind you of the cake your grandmother made on the weekend, that beautiful garden flowered in spring at your best friend's house with which you played for hours as a child, the smell of wet earth during summer storms, the warmth that you once felt in front of the fireplace that cold winter in the town, in the countryside ... and these fill you with good memories.

All these smells can make us relive moments that we had almost forgotten ...
So thinking about this we have created this pack of "Fresh & Spicy" soy wax massage candle and solid perfume with tangerine and juniper scent (fresh and fruity) that has added value and meaning, in case you want to give away "Something special" (full of light) and with it, transmit those memories and experiences that you shared with them at some point to those you love most.

To make this pack more special and for complement the candle... Don't forget to add our jar of matches as a complement so that you "light your magic"!

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* You receive this pack in a recyclable kraft cardboard box with its respective totally sustainable packaging and prepared with all our love.

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