5 Senses Retreat by Claudia Arias Yoga


From March 15 to 17 Claudia Arias will carry out a very special retreat at the idyllic Hotel Villa Retiro and we will be "present" in a special way...

A privileged and complete experience: a fusion between the practice of yoga and the knowledge of the energetic anatomy of your body that will be accompanied by a gastronomic journey.

A reconnection getaway at the Villa Retiro Hotel (in Xerta - Tarragona) where you can enjoy calm, connection with yourself, lunch/dinner at its Michelin-star restaurant (a trip in every sense) and rest surrounded by its incredible nature.

An architectural wonder that invites you to reconnect with yourself, away from the noise and stress of everyday life. Everything organized so that you can find the emotional balance and feeling of well-being that you need right now.

In addition to learning, sharing and enjoying, you will have the opportunity to sow the seed towards change, live a more present, less hurried, and happier life.
A holistic work that integrates body, mind and soul in which both Claudia Arias and us will all participants receive a small gift (a soy wax candle for massage with the aroma of chamomile and lemon balm) created especially thinking about this event so that you return to you.