Black Friday & Cyber Monday


We bet on a much more sustainable Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, discover our initiative

Christmas is approaching, a time when it is inevitable make some compulsive or unnecessary purchases and that can also be an extra expense for your economy.

Every time we pay for a product or service we become consumers.
Being a consumer implies being able to make responsible economic decisions both with our economy and with the environment, so this year our particular Black Friday will join together with Cyber ​​Monday and you will have 7 days with discounts in which you can decide your purchases in a way Slowly adjusting the budget and thinking well about what you really need.

You will have activated the 10% discount code with the promotional code: FRIDAY from November 29 to December 6 until 24h.

Remember that it is your responsibility as a consumer to know that the products you buy do not imply an environmental deterioration, but also to know if the brands, products and manufacturers are of proximity and if they are committed to social responsibility, which guarantee ethical work practices for their workers and produce sustainably.

As you know, our concept store stands out because it is unmarked from the homogeneous offer that is increasingly present in the main shopping streets of cities around the world, with its own products and also personally selected with pleasure each of the brands with which We collaborate and you can find their products also in our online store.

Thank you for betting once again on a sustainable, original, small-scale, creative form of production, for responsible, ethical consumption and for sharing our values.