Daily routine self-care tips


Follow our tips and advice to take care of the skin of your face naturally every day

To show off your best face, the most important thing is not how many kilos of makeup you wear on your skin ... but that your skin is really taken care of and healthy ... and if so, you do not need anything more or anything less.

In this post we want to talk about how to care for the skin of your face daily from the hand of Maite Irulegui.

For those who do not know her, she is an inspiring, close, passionate and non-conformist person and you can follow her on Instagram or on her YouTube channel, where you will learn a lot about veganism, her passion and protection both with animals and the environment.

For a while now he decided that he wanted to start pampering and take care of himself a little more and started using some of our natural cosmetics products.

The products that began to use were the exfoliating, creams and facial tonics and in this video you can see their habits of self-care and morning routine.

For our part we want to expand it a little more, so that your facial care ritual is more complete even if you do not always have the necessary time, it would be nice to carry it out at least once a week so we hope you find that time to dedicate it to you !

First of all is an adequate facial cleansing since it is vital for our skin to be healthy and radiant.
For this you can use any variety of our natural 100% soaps and craftsmen that suits your skin type.

In each description of the soap in our online store you will find its properties and indications.

After cleaning your face of impurities you should use a facial tonic since it restores the pH of your skin. Remember that we have 2 varieties and to apply it you can spray it directly on the skin and with a cotton cleansing disc (especially that it is reusable) gently strokes your face giving little touches.

With this you will be able to recover the beautiful aspect of your skin.

After this you could apply if you need the eye contour lotion "La vie en rose" or the antiaging "Mystic Incense" although we recommend doing it better at night so while they act their ingredients you rest relaxed.

The next step would be to apply one of our 4 facial creams.

You can choose the cream that suits you best according to your skin type, ingredients and needs and thus ensure that your skin does not dry out or lose hydration. You will provide the necessary nutrients to restore skin elasticity, firmness and prevent premature aging of the skin of your beautiful face.

You can also use a facial roller so that the cream penetrates better in the pores as Maite does in the video.

We hope you put into practice some of these tips and if you want to know how to take care of yourself naturally do not hesitate to follow us on social networks;)