New natural and vegan perfumes roll-on and solid "Cottage"


This Spring goes on sale our new perfume "Cottage" with ylang-ylang and jasmine essential oil in roll-on and solid format

Our Spring smells like jasmine!

The heat begins, the terraces, the sea, the colors and the aroma of flowers that invade everything!

When these dates arrive we love to work with the open studio door and feel the smell of the huge jasmine plant that we have outside and that its aroma helps us to work with greater optimism and enthusiasm!

In India it is a very symbolic plant and when a man gives it to a woman he wants to tell her how beautiful it is both on the outside and inside.

Their flowers are also used in the offerings to the gods and for beauty rituals in which women place garlands of jasmine in their hair.

It is a symbol of sensuality ... and that is that its beautiful white flower and its unmistakable fragrance, makes it unique and incomparable.

Its so peculiar aroma is perfect for radiant, sweet, tenacious, persistent, modern, sensual people and you have it in roll-on and solid format.

The roll-on format is super comfortable to wear and touch during the day.
Besides this type of container allows you to control the quantity and the exact place where you want to apply it, so not a drop is wasted!

The solid format is very simple to apply, simply strokes the surface with your fingers and applies it behind the ears, wrists ... It is made with a base of soy wax that melts easily with the contact of the skin.
It does not contain alcohol or water therefore your aroma will remain many more hours with you!

Do you dare to try them?