New perfumes roll-on and solid "Flowery Garden"


This autumn goes on sale our new perfume "Flowery Garden" with geranium essential oil in roll-on and solid format

The summer, the holidays are over and the temperature drops with the feeling of starting again.

The colors change dominated by brown, reddish, yellowish tones, shorter and cooler days where you want to spend some afternoons with a good cup of tea, a soft blanket and marathon of movies or chapters of your favorite series.

During this time after the holidays there is usually a feeling of sadness, apathy, lack of energy or motivation to join our work or daily routine.

So at this stage the new perfume "Flowery Garden" with a scent of geranium goes on sale, which will comfort you in moments of anxiety, depression, fear, mood swings, insecurity, hypersensitivity, stress, worry especially in the moments when you see everything gray: it is very comforting.
It will help you regain hope and courage and feel more protected and safe.

This perfume is inspired by small towns, with old stone houses and balconies decorated with their beautiful and flowery geraniums where during this time the locals stockpile the firewood they will need throughout the winter.

Quiet, captivating villages, where silence reigns and is only broken by the bells when the hours are touched.

Villages where to take a walk through its streets in this era has a great charm, where it smells like freshly baked bread and time stops.

The roll-on format is super comfortable to wear and touch during the day.
Besides this type of container allows you to control the quantity and the exact place where you want to apply it, so not a drop is wasted!

The solid format is very simple to apply, simply strokes the surface with your fingers and applies it behind the ears, wrists ...

It's made with a base of soy wax that melts easily with the contact of the skin.
It does not contain alcohol or water therefore your aroma will remain many more hours with you!

We know that going back to the routine and saying goodbye to the summer costs as well
We want to give you a little surprise and see you smile!

So from September 12 to 30, ALL orders for our online cosmetics will include the new "Flowery Garden" solid perfume as a gift.

Everything starts over and the summer lethargy ends :)