Original and nice gifts for Mother's Day


Soon, in a few days, another long-awaited day marked on the calendar will return and again a whirlwind of sensations, emotions and much gratitude will return.

When life gives us special moments and moments that are enjoyed, it is a truly lived time

Although the love of a child towards his mother should be expressed every day, every minute and every second, perhaps having a marked date is a day / excuse to celebrate life with that person who has been by your side for a long time before birth. .

If you know us well, you will know that we love celebrations and unique moments, since we consider each one of them to be like a "little lifeboat" to grab and escape routines...

...so we want this year Mother's Day (Sunday May 1) to be even more magical...

...That's why, for a few days on the web you have different options to give away 😉 but... They are not the only ones! since thinking of all the moms who smiled (and smile) time after time despite all the adversities and who need to feel how time stands still, enjoy a moment of calm and delight in everyday moments, read a book, light a candle or enjoy a relaxing bath you have available thanks to Querida Hortensia in their online store several products with some of our "Calm" products that are accompanied by a beautiful thank you card and different bouquets of preserved flowers, which will make you remember that she is the reason you blossomed into the amazing you that you are today.