This year we want to celebrate with you and at home Sant Jordi, that's why we have a surprise for you!

We know that these are uncertain days through which we had never thought of going through something similar.

Days when doors have been closed, but at the same time windows have been opened, the balconies and terraces come to life in which you can see thousands of rainbows so that despite the days of storm the sun always ends up rising.

This year we will not be able to celebrate San Jordi in the traditional way due to the confinement to which we are subjected.

We will greatly miss the first hour of the morning in San Jordi.
Go outside and while you watched as spring had come to the city, see the stalls full of roses competing with each other for being the most beautiful and it was impossible not to stop to contemplate its beautiful colors and let yourself be drunk by its aroma.

Further on you would discover a lot of books where its characters wanted to explain and represent their story.

Then you realized that April 23 was special, magical, and you lost yourself among the people to be able to enjoy it with the 5 senses.

This year the streets will be empty, they will not be crowded with people strolling between stops of books and roses, looking for the gift not only for the loved one, but also for family, friends ... and we feel deep sadness ...

We want to be by your side this Sant Jordi, celebrate it with you and at home in a certain way.
That is why we have created a limited edition 50 ml soy wax massage candle with you in mind and you will receive it for free on all orders over € 30 buying any item from April 6.

Eternal hugs and kisses will return ...
And when they return they will be stronger, longer and more sincere than ever ... It is only a matter of time, meanwhile we send you a very strong hug virtually.