Sustainable Christmas gifts for companies


Discover our best ideas and sustainable gifts (and zero waste) for companies and... Surprise this Christmas!


This year is being once again (and after the pandemic) a difficult year, full of uncertainty and challenges.

It is true that at Christmas many let the heart lead the head, but this year both the head and the pocket will put restrictions on the heart due to the unstoppable rise in prices, so it is up to all of us to tighten our belts.

Despite the situation, we want to continue spreading enthusiasm and helping your company, since during this time it may be more important than ever that you have a detail with your clients and/or workers.

So that's why, keeping the same prices, we have prepared for you the best ideas and gifts so that you look like the real "Santa Claus" and give them that special, beautiful and original gift that transmits your values ​​and with which you manage to make them smile, without your spending skyrocketing and being sustainable (zero waste), because they deserve it!

One of the totally personalized details with which to get it right is our very high-quality soaps, handcrafted in our own workshop located in Montagut (La Garrotxa) with totally natural ingredients of plant origin, without parabens or preservatives that give off incredible aromas.

We are convinced that the combination of our soaps with different presentations taken care of down to the last detail (and personalized) will be a great success and will awaken great admiration in those who receive this pleasant surprise.

Another of our most requested details in different events and that you can give to your clients to congratulate the Christmas holidays are our 100% natural and vegan lip balms of different aromas and flavors.

The third of our proposals is "something" that you can use and share enjoying that moment while its aromas will transport you to that magical place stored in your memory.

This "thing" is none other than our all-natural, vegan, paraffin-free candles...which we can customize just for you!

If you think that these 3 options to give away are few, we invite you to visit our events section and take a look at the other options that we personalize in different events and that we can also personalize this Christmas for you and your company.

To thank you for trusting us and choosing our details and gifts to give this Christmas, we will adjust the price (and keep it the same as the details for events) taking into account that the minimum purchase is 5 units.

Remember that you can contact us by sending us an email to: and we will send you the budget of the chosen details or you can place your order directly online, leaving the data that must appear in the comments and in Within 36 hours we will send you several options so that you can choose the one you like best.

Remember that this Christmas it is in your hand to continue supporting local commerce, betting on buying your Christmas gifts from companies like ours that in addition to producing our products in La Garrotxa, we produce in a sustainable way and on a small scale.

Remember that once again and as always we will take care of every last detail so that this Christmas you succeed with your gifts!