Sustainable Christmas gifts


Discover our best ideas and sustainable gifts (and zero waste) to surprise this Christmas without affecting your pocket and be a sure success!


This 2022 is being once again (and after the pandemic) a difficult year, full of uncertainty and challenges.

It is true that at Christmas many let the heart lead the head, but this year both the head and the pocket will put restrictions on the heart due to the unstoppable rise in prices, so it is up to all of us to tighten our belts.

Despite the situation, we want to continue spreading illusion and that in this way, you can continue to show all the affection you feel towards those you love most by sending them this special, beautiful and original gift with which to make them smile but above all without your spending soar and be sustainable (zero waste), because you deserve it and they deserve it.

So that's why, maintaining the same prices, we have prepared for you the best ideas and gifts so that you look like the real "Santa Claus" and without leaving home.

Gifts for that special woman who likes to take care of herself naturally and who sets her style with her accessories, jewelry and leaves a unique mark with her perfume.

Our natural, vegan and cruelty free cosmetic packs together with the jewelry packs are a more than sure success with which you will not fail.

If you want to give a very special cosmetic pack and that it has the intention of reliving the good moments shared with the person you are giving it to at the same time as your wish that it finds the light wherever it goes, do not hesitate to take a look at our limited edition memories packs.

We also propose some ideas to give to men with which to surprise and be sure, leaving aside the classic shoes and tie.

Today's men attach great importance to their appearance ... right?

Gone are the men who did not take care of themselves and what better way to do it than to take care of themselves while taking care of the planet and the beings that inhabit it.

Surprise them with something special like our cosmetics packs designed specifically for the most bearded or any of the gift boxes with our best daily care products.

Also you can create your own gift box with the cosmetic products you choose and as always they will come in a beautiful gift box.

Surely once you try our cosmetic products, they will become essential for your daily care.

If you have doubts among all the beautiful things you have seen at our online store and do not know what to give, our gift vouchers are a very good option.

Remember that this Christmas it is in your hand to continue supporting local commerce, betting on buying your Christmas gifts from companies like ours that in addition to producing our products in La Garrotxa, we produce in a sustainable way and on a small scale.

We would like to be able to meet you again both at our studio / store, chat for a while and hug you but if due to the distance this is not possible, all shipments from November 25 to January 5 will include a small detail made with love.

Remember that once again and as always we will take care of every last detail so that this Christmas you succeed with your gifts!