Sustainable details and gifts for wedding guests


Discover our proposals, details and gifts so that your guests have a nice ecofriendy memory!


If you are organizing your wedding, surely keep in mind that the small details are what make the difference and that can make this day be remembered in time ... that is why many times it is so difficult to choose a gift or detail for the guests who, in addition to being useful and beautiful, are sustainable.

If you are also concerned about caring for the environment and are looking for a wedding gift or detail so that your guests have a nice memory of the day of your wedding that takes care of and respects the planet to the maximum, that transmits your way of being and your values ... You have come to the right place!

Here (and in the images) we show you some totally customizable and ecofriendly gift ideas that we are convinced you will love ... and they too!

Undoubtedly, a sure hit if you want to give something special, which can be used (and is not a pointless expense) and that it is handcrafted is to give one of our soaps, balms, wax candles. Soy for massage, tubes of bath salts (totally natural) with unique aromas and even wax for mustache for the most flirtatious (bearded) guests.

If you have any questions or have already decided on one of them and decide to trust us to create the details of your wedding, remember that you can contact us directly by email or come to visit us at our studio / store located in Montagut (La Garrotxa) and by appointment (following all measures for the pandemic).
Whether you place your order online or in person, we will work together with you to make your gift unique, beautiful and sustainable, but we will also make your guests remember this date as a very special day.