Who are we

Do you want to know how we got here?

First of all we want to introduce ourselves!

Behind Your Nice Things we are myself (Eli), my partner (Carles) and soon we hope that the other two hands of our son Ethan, who dedicates his studies to it, will join 100%.

Our whole "story" begins a few years ago after a vacation in Galicia, starting from Santiago and traveling with our little one along the "Costa Da Morte" until we reach Cape Finisterre (which to this day still seems to us that this place is it the end of the world).

Everything lived through those days but above all its impressive cliffs, the light of the lighthouses that illuminate the mythical coasts, its fishing villages, the dark nights and a silence bathed by the waves of the Atlantic Ocean and all the Celtic symbology (spirals that were important in their rituals and that are a constant in nature, whose form can be seen in the swirls of water and even in the form of many plants and flowers) made us feel their magic, stirring our minds a little, making us feel the need to change a part of our lives... so when we returned we decided to turn it around both professionally (I eli leaving my job without hesitation) and family-wise, leaving the city (Girona) and settling down in a small town between the volcanoes of La Garrotxa, a place almost as magical and healing for the soul where its unique volcanic landscape, its forests and rivers inspire us daily in everything what we do and where, in addition to our home, we have our studio / shop and workshop where we handcraft all our products for daily care (such as soaps, perfumes, massage candles, etc.).

From Your Nice Things our commitment to the environment is total and its conservation is one of our priorities.

That is why we have always believed in what we do and that a good option to dispense with plastic in self-care and hygiene routines is to use solid cosmetic products, respectful of the environment, made with the benefits that nature itself provides, always using ingredients of the highest quality giving and of plant origin.

With the aim of making a world more ethical but above all sustainable, in addition to our sustainable cosmetics, you will find natural and decorative soy wax candles and other small special details to share with your loved ones.

We do not use plastic in our shipments and we avoid excess packaging.
You receive all the products in a cardboard box and the "covers" (of the products that carry them) are made by hand with 160 g recycled nautilus paper and the products in small glass containers (roll-on perfumes and facial oils) They arrive in a cotton bag.
We also dispense with plastic (as far as possible) in products that are not solid (containers are made of glass or aluminum).

Thank you very much for your time and for showing your interest in us, in what we do and how we do it.

What inspires us today? 

The sun, the sea, the mountains, nature, friends, smiles, surprises, details, a good cup of coffee or an infusion and most of all ... things well done✨.