Your Nice Things - Shop

In the midst of the silence broken only by the song of the birds, in La Garrotxa, our house is also yours.

Until several months ago (after Easter 2021), the place where we carefully prepared each of the boxes you receive was a very different place from now ...

After many uncertain months due to the pandemic, we feel deeply grateful for this summer (also the months to come) so special and different that we will live, since a great renovation has been carried out and we have seen our dream come true ...

To be able to transform that space (the studio) full of possibilities into a warm place, full of light, where in addition to continuing to prepare each order you could come to meet us, see, touch, smell, taste ... ✨feel ... ✨

Since March 2020, dozens of words remain unsaid, hundreds of hugs to give, thousands of things to celebrate ...

So we started a new stage, something changed, renewed and in an inspiring space also transformed into a physical store where we would like nothing more than to enjoy with you between talks and hugs that infusion of lemon balm and chamomile that you receive in every box that leaves our studio / store.

If you want to come and discover it, do not forget to contact us and request an appointment in order to provide you with personalized attention, so that you feel comfortable and you can observe, try and feel calmly.

 We are waiting for you! ... We have much to share with you and thousands of thanks for continuing to accompany us 🤗✨

Eli and Carles.