Your Nice Things - Workshop

We want to share with you how our beautiful story began in the place where we reside and from where each of the products that reach your hands also leave ...

It all started a few years ago, when we visited for the first time (before moving) the cozy house in the privileged environment (La Garrotxa) where we now live ...

We immediately realized that it had "that special something" that makes it unique, surrounded by forest and near the Fluvia river (which makes us connect even more with nature), in addition to having two spaces attached to the house.

One of them, right now is the workshop, where we make each of the products (cosmetics and following all regulations) that come to your hands with views of the cultivation fields 🌾

We do not create "sophisticated" but effective products that take care of your skin as well as the planet.

For this reason, our packaging is also simple and natural (like all products) where the quality of the content is our priority.
Handmade from natural ingredients of plant origin and never tested on animals.

Remember that you can come and discover our two spaces (the workshop and store) located in Montagut contacting us and requesting an appointment to be able to provide you a personalized attention, so that you feel comfortable and can observe, try and feel and calmly.

It will be a pleasure to chat with you and show you our work! 🤗✨

Eli and Carles.