White Sage and Copal Incense - Sagrada Madre -

Handmade incense by "Sagrada Madre" in Argentina, based on herbs and completely natural and ecological resins.


The sacred smoke of this "Sagrada Madre" incense resulting from the burning of these leaves purifies the environment, especially that of commercial establishments, generating a sense of peace and economic prosperity.

White sage is an ancient plant widely used for its esoteric, mystical healing power, spiritual protection, atmospheric cleansing, and abundance.

It has great healing and protective properties, as well as cleaning the aura and spirit, as well as helping to generate peace and economic prosperity.

Each box contains 8 sticks of 9 long and long lasting.

Each stick lasts 45-55 minutes.

Box measures: 18'5 cm x 5cm

Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Do not use near flammable items.
Make sure that all the remains fall on heat resistant surfaces.
Never leave incense unattended.