Bath salts - Serenity (125gr)

Bath salts or scrub ideal to mitigate and improve the appearance of the skin with a sweet orange and sage aroma, fruity and herbaceous


These bath salts include Dead Sea salt (ideal to keep the skin clean and free of toxins).

They give off a scent of sweet orange and sage, fruity and herbaceous.

They are ideal to add to the hot water in your bathtub and take a bath that allows you to relax your body and mind, thus disconnecting from the frenzy of daily routines, relieving accumulated tension and fatigue.

It is important to give yourself the time you need and disconnect, although on many occasions we forget it ... but there is not always it, so if you do not want to give up the benefits that these salts provide on your skin or you are concerned about water consumption remember that you can also use them as a totally natural exfoliant and without toxins that penetrate your skin.

For it:

- Mix a handful of these salts with a little oil, infusion, water, etc. to form a pasty consistency.

- Extend a generous on the skin and massage.

- Let act a few minutes.

- And finally remove them with warm water, dry the skin with a towel and apply some of our body moisturizers.

We recommend using them once a week.

* Glass container and aluminum lid.

Weight: 125gr

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INCI Ingredients:

Maris sal (Dead Sea salt), Helichrysum italicum flowers, Citrus aurantium dulcis peel oil (Sweet orange essential oil), Salvia officinalis oil (Sage essential oil), Limonene**, Myrcene**, Camphor* *, cineol**, pinene** and camphene**

** // Not added, naturally present in essential oils.