Oval tray "Meraki"

This earthy tray (in gray cement) balances its simple design with the natural decoration you are looking for for your home, providing warmth and timeless elegance.


Enjoy your moments of disconnection and turn your home into a unique place!

It's ideal to simply decorate your home, to organize your beauty products or your jewelry, but also to use it as a support for your favorite candles.

The big difference between this tray and the conventional ones with similar designs that you can find in stores in your city, is that they are handcrafted one by one... thus becoming a unique piece.

We manufacture each one of them in small batches and they may present some small bubble or difference between one or the other and they are not considered a defect but a special characteristic of each piece.

Measurements: 17.5cm x 9cm

Weight: 230 gr (approx)

Material: Gray cement (made and polished by hand).