Bodily pack - Sunday Morning - Flowery Garden

The perfect pack of natural cosmetics to take care of yourself, pamper and enjoy your weekly self-care routines, with a soft aroma of geranium, sweet and floral


The perfect pack of natural cosmetics to take care of yourself, pamper and enjoy your weekly self-care routines!

Always it's important to start the day taking care of the most precious thing you have, your body and your mind, but surely you have more time to do it on Sundays, hence the name of this pack.

We are used to filling ourselves with obligations that, many times, end up consuming us and stressing us ...

So allow yourself to take some time for yourself and do activities that you like and that you know feel so good, like disconnecting, relaxing and pampering yourself.

You put the desire and we the products of this pack specially designed for you to take care of your health, physical, mental and emotional.

This pack contains:

- 1 "Flowery Garden"  bath salts or scrubs (125gr) that mitigate skin irritations and have a soft geranium scent, sweet and floral 

- 1 Solid moisturizing bar "Flowery Garden" (35gr) perfect for moisturizing the skin, with a sweet and floral scent.

- 1 "Flowery Garden"  roll-on  perfume (10gr) made with jojoba oil base and geranium essential oil.

- 1 "Flowery Garden"  massage candle (50gr) of soy wax, butter and oils, low melting point ideal to relax, with the same aroma.

To make this pack more special and for complement the candle... Don't forget to add our jar of matches as a complement so that you "light your magic"!

Remember that you have avaiables other products for your body care, but also packs with our best products for your self-care routines and other products from our cosmetics that may interest you.

* You receive this pack in a recyclable kraft cardboard box with its respective totally sustainable packaging and prepared with all our love.

* This pack has a small bouquet on the lid of the box (the composition may vary depending on availability) handcrafted with a careful and super beautiful design.

* If it is to give as a gift and you want to add a card inside the box with the same design as the label on the outside but with a dedication, you can add the text that you want to appear in the comments section when placing your order.

* You can consult the ingredients and type of container in the tab of each product.